Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Men of a Certain Age - General

As some of you may know, Ray Romano has a new show on TNT called "Men of a Certain Age".

When I heard about it, I had no intention of ever watching it, but a series of events led me to decide otherwise.

First, I started watching re-runs of "Everybody Loves Raymond". I never really liked "Everybody Loves Raymond" while it was still on the air because I felt every episode was just Ray doing something stupid which caused him to have an argument with his wife. The only reason I started watching re-runs was because nothing else was on. I'm still not in love with the show, but I sort of like it.

Secondly, I saw Ray Romano on "The Ellen Degenerous Show", which is also a show I rarely watch, but again, there was nothing else on at that time.

Anyway, Romano was there to talk about his new show "Men of a Certain Age" and I became intrigued.

My cable company provides Primetime Free On Demand, so I checked to see if "Men of a Certain Age" was available. It was, but only the first episode. So I watched it.

Usually the first episode of a show isn't that great, but after watching this one I was hooked.

The show revolves around Joe (played by Ray Romano) and his two friends, Terry (played by Scott Bakula) and Owen (played by Andre Braugher).

Joe - Joe has just separated from his wife and is currently living in a hotel. He also owns a party store ( something similar to Party City where they sell balloons, pinatas, things like that). By the end of the episode it is also clear that he has somewhat of a gambling problem.

Terry - Terry is an "actor" that just hasn't made it big yet, and seems to be losing all hope in that ever happening. He does have a temp job though, and also seems to be quite the ladies man.

Owen - Owen is married to what seems to me, the most understanding wife in the world. He works as a car salesman at his Fathers dealership. You think this would make his job easier right? WRONG! His Father seems to be extra hard on him in order to not show favoritism . . . and also because he's just kind of an ass.

Together these middle aged men are beginning to realize they ARE middle aged. They decide to start going on a daily hike and over the course of a few episodes you start to see them push back when life pushes them.

I highly recommend this show to anyone who's even thought about watching it . . . or even if you haven't.