Friday, October 23, 2009

Jon, an Introduction.

It all started the other day when I started singing the same song I've sung my entire life when I can't think of anything else to sing.  Ba duh bup bup bup ba bah duh bup bup bup ba bah duh bup bup bup bup buuuuuum!  My fiance turned to me and asked me why I'm always singing the theme song to He-Man?  I stopped and thought about that for quite some time.  In my mind, I wasn't singing the theme song to He-Man.  I didn't know what song I was singing, I just knew it wasn't He-Man.  We live in a wonderful time where the internet can  solve pretty much any argument, so she pulled up the He-Man theme song on YouTube and I couldn't deny that I was singing the theme song, but deep down, I just knew that it wasn't that song.  When I was younger, I wasn't allowed to watch He-Man.  My grandmother told my mother that there were too many devil related things going on in that show and it was deemed unacceptable for viewing.  Sure, I saw a few episodes here and there, but I wasn't an expert on the show.

I thought about it for several days.  I tend to dwell on things like this.  I don't fully recall what reminded me, but it hit me that I wasn't singing He-Man, I was singing the theme song to Remington Steele! (Forward to the 1:00 mark if you don't want to hear the completely and totally awesome theme song for Magnum P.I.)  Tell me those two (He-Man & Remington Steele) theme songs don't sound alike?  Somebody got ripped off, that's all I'm saying.  I don't know what it is about that song, but I grew up loving it.  I wasn't allowed to watch that show either, but that didn't stop me from sneaking out of my room at night and hiding in the hallway during the theme song while my mother watched the show, oblivious to my presence.

My personal golden age of television has to be the early to mid 80's.  The A-Team, Knight Rider, Airwolf, The Dukes of Hazzard, Magnum P.I., Remington Steele, The Fall Guy, Hardcastle and McCormick, The Greatest American Hero, Simon & Simon, Riptide, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, MacGyverGrowing Pains, Mr. Belvedere, Family Ties, Newhart , Charles in Charge, Out of This World, The Cosby Show, Night Court  just to name a few.  I think the thing I miss the most about those shows are the theme songs.  Theme songs just aren't what they used to be.

It's odd, we were never allowed to watch television on school nights, and until I graduated from high school and got a job to pay for satellite TV (seriously, this was my major motivation for getting a job), we didn't have much to choose from.  We didn't have a VCR.  Just a giant console television with some frayed twin lead wires running out to an old rusty antenna, loosely attached to the roof.  I would have to run outside and spin it around until we got a clear signal for some channels.  Maybe that is why television has always held a special place in my heart.

For that, and many other reasons, I decided to start this blog with some good friends and family to talk about what some say is a dying medium.  It's not dead in my heart though and hopefully it never will be.  I'll be watching new shows to find new loves and old shows to remind myself why I love television in the first place.  It won't always be pretty, but it should always be entertaining.


Madelyn said...

I'm pretty sure we had a VCR. I remember watching Aladdin about a thousand times. But maybe that was after you got satellite. Did you buy a VCR too?

Jon said...

I don't think we got a VCR until the late 80's early 90's. I know we got one eventually, I just don't think it was that early. Obviously we had a VCR. We had a 16,000 vhs tape collection to prove it. Most of those were filled with episodes of mom's shows that she never watched again, but wouldn't record over. I also don't think your memory can be relied on until after you were at least six or seven, so that puts you around 1989/1990. That's probably when we got our first VCR. I'll have to check with Mom to verify that.

cadiz12 said...

my dad won't get rid of our old Betamax from 1984 vcr because "it's an antique." but we mostly had hindi song tapes to watch on it.

i had never heard of remington steele's themesong before jon brought it up. But He-Man's was great.