Monday, October 11, 2010

Movie in a minute: She's Out of My League

IMDB Rating: 6.6

This Gist: Attractive girl goes after mildly attractive guy.  **Spoiler Alert** It starts off ok, then the guy screws it up so bad that it looks like it won't work out, honesty solves the problem and they end up together, happy ever after.

My take aways:
1. Premature ejaculation is only funny when it's happening to someone else, and even then, it's a stretch.
2. Attractive people think unattractive people are safe to date because uglies can't hurt pretties emotionally.  Everyone knows that.
3. I have no shame.

Biggest Disappointment:  "She's out of your league" was not a running refrain from any character.  It was implied constantly, but never with those exact words.  Very disappointing.

Should you watch it? Only if you're looking for a good reason to cover your eyes with your hands a lot.  I found it to be that awkward.  Not my kind of thing, but I don't know what you're into.